Fly Away Hang Gliding

Hang Gliding Instruction and Tandems

Willy Dydo is your world class instructor.

Certified USHPA Instructor, Willy Dydo, grew up in Vermont. Ever since his feet left the ground Willy has had a hard time coming down, which is the main reason why he now calls Santa Barbara, with its year-round epic flying, his home. He enjoys giving others the gift of flight and helping turn their dreams into reality. willy is one of the best instructors we've ever seen, not only because he's a great pilot, but also because of his patience and calm nature.

Santa Barbara Soaring Association

Visit the Santa Barbara Soaring Association for visiting pilot info and to join our local flying community

You can soar with the birds. Hang gliding is the ultimate high.

Welcome to Fly Away Hang Gliding. We've been providing hang gliding instruction and tandems to help people realize their dreams of free flight since 1995. We are located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California.

Learn to fly hang gliders on our 200 foot high training hill. It is one of the easiest-to-learn-on training hills in the world. It's warm and sunny here in Santa Barbara providing for perfect year round flying conditions. Weather you are local or looking to travel to obtain your H2 novice rating, Fly Away Hang Gliding is your premier location.

Hang gliding is the closest humans can get to the feeling of flying like a bird, like in your dreams.

Ground Run Bottom Alpha
upper launch alpha

We are available 7 days a week, by appointment. Our classes often fill up during the weekend so call ahead for class schedules. Lesson vouchers are available for single or multiple day classes.

Hang gliding lessons are $250 per person per day.
Guaranteed private lessons are $350.
H2 Novice Rating Course Package $2,000
Single Day Lessons are credited towards Package
We don't accept credit cards.

Directions to Elings Park.

Google 2650 Cliff Dr., Santa Barbara. There is no address there, but it will put you very close to the entrance.

If you are traveling north on Hyw. 101 from Los Angeles, you will go left on Las Positas, towards the ocean. If you are traveling south from San Fransisco, go right on Las Positas.
Go about 1 mile, through several stoplights and you will come to a "T" intersection at a stop sign with a flashing red light.
This is Cliff Dr. Take a left.
COUNT 6 TELEPHONE POLES (a couple hundred yards) on the left side and there will be a blacktop driveway. Turn in there.
Go up the driveway and stay to the left. The road will turn to dirt and go through a second gate. Park by the plastic porta-potty.